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ExtDNS for docker-compose


ExtDNS synchronizes labeled records in docker-compose with DNS providers.

Inspired by External DNS, ExtDNS makes resources discoverable via public DNS. It retrieves a list of records from Docker's labels and creates it in public DNS.

Source code

The sources is placed in GitHub repository.

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Supported DNS services

The following table clarifies the current status of the providers according to the aforementioned stability levels:

Provider Status Maintainers
CloudFlare DNS Beta

Running ExternalDNS

To run your ExtDNS you just need to spinup container with needed environment variables and set labels to your docker container.

Use docker-compose.yml as an example.

Environment variables

Environment variable Default value Description
INSTANCE_ID 0 An instance id to be sure several instances can work with same domain
CF_TOKEN CloudFlare token. How to obtain it read here. It needs Zone.Zone, Zone.DNS permissions to read and update records
TTL 60 TTL in seconds for newly created and updated DNS records
SLEEP_TIMEOUT 300 Sleep time between check and update records
EXTERNAL_IP Use this external IP address in DNS records


If you want to report a bug or request a new feature. Free feel to open a new issue.

English proofreading is needed too, because my grammar is not that great sadly. Feel free to correct my grammar in this Readme or source code.